Recruitment Made Easy


Welcome to our recruitment platform powered by TalEction - where you now can place the order. When you have decided what you need, order by clicking on the of the desired product. An e-mail is sent to the recruitment team at North Consultants, ready to support.

The order will only be formal when an agreement is confirmed by you as client and our (North Consultants) manager.

To Get Started follow these steps,

1.Read through product descriptions and select the one you want (click on )
2.Click on "Create User" button
3.Fill out "Create User" form and press button "Create User"
4.An e-mail will be sent to your email with activation link; North Consultants will also receive and email with your product choice and contact information
5.Click on activation link and you will be signed into the TalEction platform

Recruitment Project,
  • Includes pre-search & project strategy
  • Assistance by experts defining the job description
  • Defining the selection process and KPIs
  • Can include several positions and regions, your choice
  • Includes Video AD, Job Slot & Digital AD
  • All candidates qualified through TalEction

  Price: 30.000 Kr (+ Taxes)

Basic Media Package,
  • LinkedIn, aligned with target groups
  • Google, Facebook & Instagram aligned with target groups
  • Reset daily using AI to improve leverage
  • Building statistics and business intelligence
  • Practical assistance included, we launch & keep track of statistics
  • All candidates qualified through TalEction

  Price: 30.000 Kr (+ Taxes)

Batch of Search & Headhunting,
  • Search period 6 weeks
  • Based on pre-search, job description & project target KPIs
  • Weekly manual search using digital platforms
  • Headhunting most relevant candidates, short list only
  • All candidates qualified through TalEction and Sr. Headhunters

  Price: 60.000 Kr (+ Taxes)

   Selected Product is: XXXXX

After having selected product, you continue the process by creating a user on the TalEction platform. If you allready have a user, justy sign-in.

Creating a user in itself does not trigger any cost, a product order (and associated cost) will only be formal when an agreement is confirmed by you as client and a North Consulting manager. When creating a user an e-mail will be sent to North Consultants and they will contact you to complete the order process.

North Consultants works in close collaboration with TalEction in developing this offering to you.

TalEction is a tool that is tailor made for you to: Discover the Potential & Unleash the Talent of individuals in a Recruitment and/or a Career guidance setting.
The platform uses Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Discover and Unleash and provides end-to-end functionality from Job Analysis and Marketing, through Candidate Capture and Screening and all the way to OnBoarding and Career Guidance.
TalEction is built so that you own your own data , you can share data with others and you can at any point in time, withdraw these yourself. You can also pull yourself completely out of the system and keep all the data (transfer to your own laptop). All data is processed according to GDPR and TalEction has ensured that the data is double encrypted and stored at an MS Azure Data Center in Northern Europe .