Welcome to "The Talection Network"

The Talection Network's ambition is to contribute to developing the workplace as we know it today into Workplace 5.0. In this transition (change) we move:

From To
Economy of Scale Value Creation
Standardization Diversity
Centralization Decentralization
Vulnerability Resilience
Mass Consumption Sustainability

To ensure that you have the right qualities, you are asked to complete the following tasks,
  • Personality test (Big-5, OCEAN)
  • Fluent Intelligence Test
  • Cognitive Flexibility Test
  • 6 Neuroscience Games
It takes approx. 35 minutes to complete the tasks; it is recommended to carry out these consecutively.
You will hear from us no later than 24 hours after completing the tasks.

Press "Take Test!" below to create a user and start testing - Good luck!

Systems Thinking?
We are looking for those who are able to think at all levels of the "iceberg" at the same time, with particular focus on the two bottom ones.
The model emphasizes that there is always a mental model behind any system or structure that explains behavioral patterns and the actual events. Or behind every event there is a pattern of behavior that can be explained based on a system or structures that come into being through mental models.

A system has different levels; e.g. Employee - Workplace - Business - Society. In order to understand the employee's actions and pattern, one must understand the workplace, the business and society. For example, how does Economy of Scale affect a business, workplace and employee.

TalEction is a tool that is tailor made for you to: Discover the Potential & Unleash the Talent of individuals.
The platform uses Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Discover and Unleash and provides end-to-end functionality for process like Coaching, Recruitment, Team Development, Career Guidance etc.
TalEction is built so that you own your own data , you can share data with others and you can at any point in time, withdraw these yourself. You can also pull yourself completely out of the system and keep all the data (transfer to your own laptop). All data is processed according to GDPR and TalEction has ensured that the data is double encrypted and stored at an MS Azure Data Center in Northern Europe .