Discover the Potential,
Unleash the Talent

Curious about your company's Capabilities and how it can Excel? Begin your exploration with our scientifically validated and intuitive Games and Tests.

The outcomes serve Multiple Purposes: From Recruitments and Assessments to gauging your company's Readiness for change and the Impact of Change journeys. Moreover, it aids in Right-Sizing your company and more.

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The Magic Machine

Discover your Company's Potential with TalEction, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that guides your journey.

  • Start Discovery with 50 diverse tests and games, gathering data to shape Profound Insights.
  • The machine will utilize the gathered data to create a a Model and a Digital Twin of your Organization.
  • Your Digital Twin (coupled with your employee twins) enables Simulations: Are you likely to success with the envision change (readiness)? Is your team likely to succeed or do you need to recruit?
  • Leverage built-in AI for Targeted Advice: Unlock strategies to maximize the potential and talents in your organization.
  • Accessible via Self-Service Cloud Platform, Data Securely Encrypted and GDPR Compliant.

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Effective Problem Discovery & Solving

  • Commonly, we react to what's visible. Without identifying weak spots, investments may go astray, leading to poor outcomes and financial losses.
  • In the realm of systems thinking, we ask: "Why is our organization underperforming? What's the core issue?" Addressing the actual problem's origin drives the efficiency of the iceberg model.
  • TalEction's Edge: We dive deeper, beyond the surface. No knee-jerk reactions. Unlock systems, structures, mental models, cultures. Predict, act, and thrive with facts.

Discover the Potential

TalEction offers a comprehensive platform of AI and Tools needed to discover the organization's true identity and unlock its hidden potential.

Data Collection & Smart Data

Power your Digital Twin with scientifically validated assessments (tests and games)

AI Recruitment

Employ our science-based AI algorithms to identify top talent and select the perfect candidate(s) for the job.

Assessment & Development

Unleash potential through organizational and people assessments, development, appraisals, and career planning.

Unleash the Talent

TalEction taps into your organization's potential and serves as an advisor, guiding the process to unleash and nurture the growth of every talent within.

Skills Training (Games)

Confront fear with values, reduce stress, build resilience, and reap rewards. Enhance: Awareness, Skills, Flexibility, Attention.

Readiness (Change)

Measure business readiness for your envisioned future state. Are your teams, employees prepared for change?

Right-Sizing (Change)

Slash hidden costs (avg. 40%). Unleash full employee potential, fostering engagement.

Change & Performance

Monitor change, measure impacts, foster culture - team-based learning metrics (potential, progress, target).

Looking for more specific products and services, see below self-service overview (click to know more).

Value Dimensions

Structured Strategic Positioning

On Demand

Self-Service AI-based Screening & Selection


End-to-End Process and Evidence-based

Digital Maturity

Test your digital skills!

Want to Play...?

We have created 3 "playful" surveys using Marvel, Disney and Games to detect your personality, you want to try them out? Just click on the respective images below to start.

These are made for fun and learning and should not be used in a professional context.


Below see a select set of customers using the TalEction platform...
North Group deliver services in ex. Org Dev, Strategy, Leadership, Recruitment and use products like Coaching, AI Recruitment, Assessments, Readiness and (Leadership) Training/Development.
Tomagruppen is in Facility Management and use the AI Recruitment, Coaching, Data Collection & Digital Twin and Digital Maturity products.
Snitt Reklamebyrå is an advertising company and use the Coaching, Data Collection & Digital Twin and Value Dimensions products.
Large Multinational Pharmaceutical use the AI Recruitment, Coaching, Future Proof and Team Dynamics products.
Fremrykk Rekruttering is a Labor Services and Recruitment company that use parts of the AI Recruitment product.
PBL is a special interest and employer organization for private kindergartens that use the AI Recruitment product.
Leith Executive Education is a leadership training and networking organization that use the Data Collection & Digital Twin product.
Sammen om en Jobb is a voluntary training and networking organization that use the Data Collection & Digital Twin and Coaching product.

TalEction have also delivered a number of smaller one-off projects for various companies and networks: Competency Mapping and Future Proofing for interest and employer organization, AI Recruitment for a recruitment company, Psykological Safety for a large multinational pharmaceutical company, Founder screening and selection for an accelerator, Coaching and Career Advice for a number of networks, Digital Skills for a number of networks etc.