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Want to know your company and how it can reach its Peak Performance? Use our scientifically validated and intuitive Games & Tests to start Exploring.

The results can be used for Recruitments and Assessments, finding your companies Readiness for Change and actual Effects of Change Journeys, Right-Sizing your company etc.

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A Story:
The managers role.

Management's most important task is to create a Healthy and Safe Workplace and ensure that Employees have the right Skills Today and for the Future to create value.

To succeed, management must establish Learning Goals in collaboration with Performance Goals as part of the Strategy - and follow these up at an Individual Level.

This covers All the Aspects of working with Human Resources: Strategy Processes, Recruitments and Assessments, establishing your companies Readiness for Change, the actual Effects of Change Journeys, Training of Employees and Right Sizing your Company.

We have taken this Focus on "Discover and Unleash" to all the HR domains ex. Recruitment. We have Re-Invented the traditional Recruitment process, that has not fundamentally changed since the 1980's, and centered it around Selection as the core function.

From this Screen Shot you see how an actual AI based, and fully automated, Recruitment Selection can be done using TalEction.

The candidates are asked to do a set of tasks particularly selected for the job in question. The data from these activities are then fed into the AI Algorithms that scores the individual candidates against the Job Description.

The candidates are then categorized and sorted based on their match score.

The recruiter can then rely on the AI and select the top ranked candidate or they can go through the analysis and underlying data and add their own reasoning before selection.

The Magic Machine

TalEction is a Smart Machine, full of Intelligence, that will work with you as a Virtual Private Assistant when you Explore the Organizations Potential.

  • Start Discovery with 50 different Test and Games - collect Data and build Insight.
  • The Machine will use the collected Data to build a Model and a Digital Twin of your Organization.
  • With the Digital Twin you can Run Simulations - are you likely to success with the envision change (readiness), is your team likely to succeed or do you need to recruit.
  • The inbuilt AI will give you Targeted Advice - how do you max out the Organization's Potential and Talent.
  • All this is available to you in a Self-Service Cloud Platform and the Data is double-encrypted and fully GDPR compliant.
For more details on how it all works, dummies.aspx

How should we solve a problem?

Generally, what we most commonly do, is to react based on what’s visible. If you’re unable to figure out what are the weak spots in your organization, you’ll continue to invest in the wrong things which will produce weak outcomes and lose you money.

In the world of systems thinking, we’ll ask this: "Why is the organization not performing as expected? What’s the real reason?" Figuring out what actually created the problem in the first place, and acting based on this realization, is what makes the iceberg model of systems thinking so efficient

At TalEction, Systems Thinking is at the core, as we look beyond what is visible - not just reacting to events and superficial patterns.
With TalEction you have what you need to go to the core with systems, structures, mental models and cultures - allowing yourself to be predictive, proactive and fact-driven.

Discover the Potential

TalEction is a platform packed with all the AI and Tools needed to Discover your organization and what its inherent Potential is...

Data Collection & Smart Data

Fuel up your Digital Self (Twin) with our scientifically validated Data Collectors - tests and games for personality, core skills, intelligence etc.

AI Recruitment

Select and Apply our science based AI algorithms to Reach Top Talent and Identify and Select the right candidate(s) for the job.

Assessment & Development

Organisational-and people assessments, development, appraisals and career planning - unleash their potential.

Unleash the Talent

TalEction takes the Organizations Potential and acts as an Advisor on what can be done to allow all that Talent to blossom...

Skills Training (Games)

Fight fear with values, reduce stress, strengthen resilience and get rewarded. Strengthen: Awareness, Core Skills, Cognitive Flexibility and Attention.

Readiness (Change)

Impact assessment, measure Business Readiness for a desired Future State (Vision, Strategy); are your employees (teams) ready and able to change?

Right-Sizing (Change)

Reduce hidden cost (in average 40%). Identify, develop and unleash your employees full potential - and create engagement in the process.

Change & Performance

Track change journeys, measure effects, develop desired culture - team based learning indicators (potential, progress and target).

Start today - up and running in seconds; no cost - free use.

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Value Dimensions

Structured Strategic Positioning

On Demand

Self-Service AI-based Screening (recruitment)


End-to-End Process and Evidence-based