Rightsizing Mastery: Reshape Your Organization with a Human Touch

Elevate your approach to organizational adjustments with TalEction's Rightsizing solutions. Our methodologies seamlessly merge data insights with a deep understanding of the human elements within your organization. This balance ensures every scaling or adjustment move you make is both strategic and empathetic. Together, we'll co-create a pathway that not only ensures optimal performance but also respects and values each member of your workforce.

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Run data-driven, human-centred and smarter RightSizing processes with TalEction. Together, we can radically improve the way you discover, explore and scale your organization for optimum performance.

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TalEction has a Socio-Economic Approach to management, a different way to lead and manage organizations. TalEction focuses on both the People and Economic sides of the workplace.

We Identify and Reduce Hidden Costs through engaging employees and developing their potential.

The results are Increased Efficiency and Profitability, Sustainable organizational development, and higher Employee Engagement.

The model is built around the 4 states of an organization,
  • Current State: The structures, culture and patterns that defines the organization as it is.
  • Aggregate State: The structures, culture and patterns that are a 100% match with the sum of your employees.
  • Desired State: The structures, culture and patterns that is needed to support the defined market and/or financial targets.
TalEction presents you with a clear visual representation of this triangle and what the delta difference between the states represent in potential loss - gain for the organization. You can then use the TalEction Right Size tool-set to define the Decided State that optimally balance the People and Economic sides of the workplace.

Research has shown that dysfunctionality in organizational structures and mismatch between these structures and employee's potential, represent hidden costs, ranging from 20.000 USD and 80.000 USD per employee per year.

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  Most components needed for Right-Sizing have been implemented, but it will be complete and matured after 2-3 real life projects; expected to be released as MVP first half half 2024.