Discover your Potential,
Unleash your Talent

Ready to Unveil Your True Self and Its Career Path? Dive into Captivating Games & Tests for a Journey of Self-Exploration.

Leverage the results for Career Direction and Self-Insight – shaping your Digital Twin and Smart CV for that Next Job Leap.

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The Magic Machine

Discover your Potential with TalEction, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that guides your journey.

  • Begin your path to Self-Discovery with 50 diverse tests and games, gathering data to shape Profound Insights.
  • The machine will utilize the gathered data to create a Smart CV and a Digital Twin for You.
  • Your Digital Twin enables Simulations: Are you primed for success as a founder? Are you future-proof?
  • Leverage built-in AI for Career Advice: Unlock strategies to maximize your potential and talents.
  • Enjoy everything Without Cost (Free), and your Data remains secure with You in Full Control.

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Effective Problem Discovery & Solving

  • Commonly, we react to visible issues – like gaining weight due to overeating and inactivity. The apparent fix: eat less, exercise more.
  • But there's a smarter path. Enter systems thinking: "Why overeat? What's the root?" Addressing the true cause is the iceberg model's strength.
  • TalEction's Edge: We dive deeper, beyond the surface. No knee-jerk reactions. Unlock systems, structures, mental models, cultures. Predict, act, and thrive with facts.

Discover your Potential

TalEction offers a comprehensive platform of AI and tools, empowering you to unearth your true identity and unlock your hidden potential...

Data Collection & Digital Twin

Power your Digital Twin with scientifically validated assessments (tests and games)

Smart CV and Awareness

Build a Smart CV with your Digital Twin, enhancing self-awareness and context, ready for sharing.

Do you have it?

Measure against top industry founders and sales experts using your Digital Twin's insights.

Unleash your Talent

TalEction unlocks your potential and offers advisory insights on the job or career contexts that will best nurture your talents...

Career Advice & Simulations

Use your Digital Twin for simulations and career guidance for workplace success

Skills Training & Games

Boost skills like awareness, core abilities, flexibility, and attention with our immersive games program.

Friends and Network Recruiting

Discover ideal jobs for connections, earn money while guiding dream careers.

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End-to-End process and Evidence-based

Student Portal

Awareness building and Career advices

Future Proof

Are you ready for what's to come

Cognitive Flexibility

How adept are you to change?

CV AI Analysis

Your CV seen through an AI lense

Want to Play...?

We have created 3 "playful" surveys using Marvel, Disney and Games to detect your personality, you want to try them out? Just click on the respective images below to start.

These are made for fun and learning and should not be used in a professional context.