Pricing Model

TalEction contains a number of functions: Surveys, Tests, Assessments, Projects (recruitment, readiness, assessment, change), Simulations, Person and Job Profile (Digital Twins) etc. These functions are bundled into two type of Subscriptions: Standard User (Free, Individuals) and Account (Paid, Companies).

Standard User (Free, Individuals)

A standard user subscription is made for individuals to access the TalEction universe and contains the following functional categories,

  • User Profile (Digital Twin) building, display and sharing - smart CV
  • Tests, Games and Assessments, recommendations generation and using outcome to populate Digital Twin
  • Simulations of different types like Job Simulations and Trends Simulations
  • Indexes for Founder and Sales
  • Read Only Access to Projects and Job Profiles
  • Applications for Jobs, apply, follow up and manage
  • Misc Functionality: Groups, Invitations, GDPR functionality (self admin, clear and extract etc.)

This subscription is FREE (Gratis), but contain opt-ins that allow the user access to more advanced functionalities.


Account (Paid, Companies)

An account subscription is made for companies, firms to access the TalEction universe and contain the following categories,

  • All Functional categories as given in Standard User subscription is included for the individuals associated with the account
  • Full access to Projects (different levels): Creating and Running Recruitments, Assessments, Readiness and Change projects
  • Full access to Job Profiles (Digital Twin) and Surveys and Wizards to populate them
  • Accounts administration and maintenance - including associated users

This subscription type is for paying users and has several cost levels - see model below.

Standard User

Individual users, see Standard User above.

Basic Web Support.
Account Basic

Up to 3 account-users* and 5 Projects (of type Basic**)

Basic Web Support + Mail.
Account Advanced

Up to 12 account-users* and 30 Projects (of any type)

Web Support + Mail.
Account Unlimited

Unlimited account-users* and Unlimited Projects (of any type)

Priority Web Support + Mail.

* Account-Users: Users linked to the subscription with access to account functionality (see above); Standard Users linked to subscription does not count - they are Free.
** Project type Basic: Able to run Recruitment projects, but no access to Match calculations and Tools, Algorithms (no Readiness nor Assessments).

1 Project = 1 Recruitment Process i.e. 1 Job Profile with 10's or 100's of applicants; a project can also be of type assessment and readiness (in addition to recruitment).

Account (and Account Users) gives access to Data Collection and Standard User (Individuals) and are based on a Subscription Model (monthly subscription fee), while Projects are based on a Transation Pricing model; you can not run Projects without an Account Subscription.

Projects can be bundled into and priced as part of a Subscription or as individual transactions.

Contact use for details!

We have special pricing models for portfolio companies, investment networks (companies) and accelerators: Model based on # companies in portfolio; call for details.

What Subscription do I need if...

I just want to take a personality test and be able to share the results.
You would need a Standard User Subscription - it is Free (no cost).

I want to build a Smart CV (Digital Twin), run simulations and use it to apply for jobs.
You would need a Standard User Subscription - it is Free (no cost).

I want to run recruitment processes with simulations, risk profile and recommendations.
You would need one of the 3 Account Subscriptions, which one depends on the number of Recruitment processes you expect to run on a yearly basis; 1 Recruitment Process = 1 Project.

I want a subscription for my company - we are 120 employees, and I want 6 users to do assessments and run recruitment process (probably 25 pr. year).
You would need an Account Advanced Subscription; you can have up to 12 users and run up to 30 recruitment processes. The 120 employees are Standard Users and are for free.

I want a subscription for my company - we are 9.000 employees, and I would need 60-70 users to do assessments and run recruitment process (more than 300 pr. year).
You would need an Account Unlimited Subscription; contact us for details.