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A Story:
Are You Future Ready?

World Economic Forum, WEF published the "Future of Jobs" report in 2020. In that report they mapped out the jobs and skills of the future, tracking the pace of change.

At TalEction we have mapped our tests and games onto this Skills Set. With this mapping we are able to visualize how you score against skills like: "Analytical Thinking & Innovation" and "Active Learning and Learning Strategies".

Based on this we are able to tell you what type of Future-Jobs you are best suited for.

At TalEction we have used this with several Customers as a basis for Recruitment, Assessment of Organizations and Coaching of Individuals.

From this Screen Shot you see how an actual user scores on the WEF Future Skills Set: Analytical Thinking & Innovation. Active learning and learning strategies. Complex Problem Solving. Critical thinking and analysis. Creatitivty, originality and initiative. Leadership and Social Influence. Resilience, stress tolerence and flexibility. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation.

At the top you can also see this at a Meta level Grouped as "Self-Management", "Problem-solving" and "Working with people"; you can click on the image to see it in its full size.

At TalEction we have a number of different Mappings and Simulations (similar to WEF Future Skills) ex. How likely you are to succeed as a Founder or in Sales? Which role in a Team would you natural take? What type of Organizations would you succeed in? etc.

The Magic Machine

TalEction is a Smart Machine, full of Intelligence, that will work with you as a Virtual Private Assistant when you Explore your Potential.

  • Start Self-Discovery with 50 different Test and Games - collect Data and build Insight.
  • The Machine will use the collected Data to build a Smart CV and a Digital Twin of You.
  • With the Digital Twin you can Run Simulations - do you have the potential to Succeed as a Founder, are you Future Proof.
  • The inbuilt AI will give you Career Advice - how do you max out your Potential and Talent.
  • All this is yours for FREE and the Data is protected by the system and controlled and managed by you alone.

For more details on how it all works, dummies.aspx

How should we solve a problem?

Generally, what we most commonly do, is to react based on what’s visible. For example, if we eat too much food, and we do not exercise, we will gain weight. The solution to this problem, looking solely at what happened, is eating less and exercising more.

But that’s a wrong approach. In the world of systems thinking, we’ll ask this: "Why am I overeating and not exercising? What’s the real reason?" Figuring out what actually created the problem in the first place, and acting based on this realization, is what makes the iceberg model of systems thinking so efficient

At TalEction, Systems Thinking is at the core, as we look beyond what is visible - not just reacting to events and superficial patterns.
With TalEction you have what you need to go to the core with systems, structures, mental models and cultures - allowing yourself to be predictive, proactive and fact-driven.

Discover your Potential

TalEction is a platform packed with all the AI and Tools needed to Discover who you really are and what your Potential is...

Data Collection & Digital Twin

Fuel up your Digital Self (Twin) with our scientifically validated Data Collectors: scientifically validated tests, games for personality, core skills, intelligence etc.

Smart CV and Awareness

Use your Digital Self (Twin) to create your Smart CV, Share freely and build Self/Contextual Awareness.

Index: Do you have
what it takes?

Take your Digital Self (Twin) and see how you measure up against the best founders or sales professionals in the market.

Unleash your Talent

TalEction takes your Potential and acts as an Advisor on what context (job, career) that would allow your Talent to blossom...

Career Advice & Simulations

Use your Digital Self (Twin) and run Simulations to get advice on Career choices to make for success at work.

Skills Training & Games

Use our games based, virtual, Skills Training program to explore and strengthen: Awareness, Core Skills, Cognitive Flexibility and Attention.

Friends and Network Recruiting

Leverage the full extent of the platform to explore and detect dream jobs for your network of friends and relations. Make money doing it.

Start today - up and running in seconds; no cost - free use.

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