Privacy is "The ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively".

This is the design pattern that is core to TalEction. The platform is built for the individual to be in control of their own data: how it is generated, for what it is used, who has access to it and what others are permitted to see and use it for (and for how long).

The TalEction is GDPR compliant - and then some...

Personal Data

Is any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.

TalEction separates any personal data from other data and persists it in an encrypted format. The data is encrypted both at the database level and in the business layer - meaning that even if someby has access to the database and are able to decrypt the data there they still can not read it.

Data Portability

Information associated to or generated by an individual should at any time be available for export in a structued (machine readable) format.

TalEction provides tools to the users so that they at any given time can export all (or parts of) their own data in a machine readable format (JSON format). This export can be done at any time, with keeping your account or when enforcing your right to be forgotten (see below).


Information associated to or generated by an individual is owned by that individual and needs concent to be used for anything by anybody else.

TalEction encapsulates all the data you generate on the platform and noby have access to any part of that without your consent. The platform allows you at any given time to share all or parts of your data with anybody for a periode of time or until that permission is removed manually. You can decide to share data without revealing your identity or with your identity. A user can also request access to another users data, but that can only be granted by the user in question.

Right to be Forgotten

An individual user should at any time be allowed to remove all information associated to or generated by that individual.

TalEction lets you at any given time decide to delete your user on the platform and erease all traces of you ever being a user. You can when ereasing your data decide to keep a copy of that data and the system will send that to your e-mail account for storage (Data Portability).

And then some...

  • Continious Impact Assessment: Built into core design & development.
  • Protect by Design: All information is managed and controlled by user him-herself.
  • Data Breach Notification: MS Azure regulations & governance (Data Center in Germany); wrapper routines from TalEction.
For more on how Microsoft Azure work with Data Privacy,