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Cognitive Flexibility is associated with the ability to adjust both to Desired Changes (eg when applying for a new position or moving/starting a new education) and Unwanted Changes (such as illness, pandemics, natural disasters or breakups).

Cognitive Flexibility is very important in a periode of great global unrest, both for Individuals and the situation they are in, and for the Societies at large with new expectations and challenges.
A new, American Questionnaire that measures cognitive flexibility has now been implemented on the TalEction platform (English and Norwegian).

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Cognitive Flexibility

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Cognitive Flexibility methodology and models are developed by Professor Steven C. Hayes, while the Questionnaire is developed by Professor Ronald Rogge - see terms.aspx for details.

In 2020, TalEction have Collected data and Normalized the test, which means that you will compare yourself with more than 1.000 people in the age group 18 to 67 years.

We at TalEction take Data Privacy very seriously and strictly adhere to GDPR. See privacy.aspx for details.

Screen shots from the Cognitive Flexibility functionality of the TalEction platform.

Cognitive Flexibility Results View