Personality tests on the TalEction platform are based on the most recognized model: BIG-5, OCEAN. Questions (items, statements) are taken from the IPIP (International Personality Item) Pool - more specifically the International Personality Item Pool, Representation of NEO PI-R ™ (the short version). The short IPIP-NEO was designed to measure exactly the same traits as the original IPIP-NEO (300 items), but more efficiently with fewer items. The short version of the IPIP-NEO inventory uses 120 items from the original inventory. Responses from over 600.000 individuals indicate that the short version possesses acceptable measurement reliability. This test has again been used by several thousand individuals on the TalEction platform, and has been normalized based on that.

Intelligence tests are developed by, and in collaboration with, MENSA Norway's regular test developer, designer - and follow the same patterns as from other major players in the market ex. best practice items with increasing degree of difficulty. Both the Fluid and Crystallized tests retrieve their items from a large library, but for each time the individual items are selected based on a randomization algorithm. This means that each test run is never the same and never contains the same items. The results from the tests are mapped across to Bloom's taxonomy.

The CAGES tests are based on BIG-5, but use IRT methodology; Item Response Theory also called Latent Trait Theory. The CAGES tests are specifically aimed at personality traits in relation to a Growth mindset. The questions are taken from different sources depending on the dimension. Curiosity = Professor John Kotter, Daniel Pink. Assertiveness = Maria van Noord. Grit = A. Duckwoth, Amy Edmondson, Carol Dweck. Empathy = Jamil Zaki, Brian Goldman. Sense of Urgency = John Kotter. These tests have been done by several thousand individuals on the TalEction platform, and have been normalized based on that.

The Cognitive Flexibility (CogFlex) test is based on work by Dr. Ronald D. Rogge (again based on theory and models developed by Dr. Steven C. Hayes). The CogFlex test has been tested and quality assured for 3.500 working individuals and 2.300 students. We at TalEction have adapted this test to the business community and its conditions in collaboration with the Oslo University Hospital. This test has again been carried out by several thousand individuals on the TalEction platform, and has been normalized based on that.

The Games we use on the TalEction platform are based on well-known Neuroscience games that have been used in clinical work for many decades. We have mainly taken game models and patterns from the open BEPL (The Psychology Experiment Building Language) Library and translated and adapted them for use in a business context and in the public sector. TalEction has implemented approximately 20 different games - all quality assured and adjusted based on several thousand individuals having played the games.

We also have a number of other tests, that are more specialized and focused on specific areas, all based on quality-assured international research and testing.