The TalEction Platform The TalEction Platform
As a Microsoft Development and Technology Partner, our platform embodies cutting-edge innovation and reliability. Built as a native Azure Cloud solution, it leverages the scalability and robustness of the Azure infrastructure.

Our microservices-based architecture ensures agility and flexibility, allowing seamless integration and scalability.
Security is paramount, with SSL, double-encryption, and GDPR compliance natively embedded into every aspect of our platform.

Its responsive design ensures optimal performance across all devices and screen sizes.
Additionally, our platform incorporates advanced AI algorithms (both TalEction native and based on Open AI), empowering users with intelligent insights and decision-making capabilities.

With a strong focus on collaboration and technological excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital landscape.

We are in the process of changing the client side technology from classic ASP.NET, APSX and JavaScript to React and Next.js.

What has been done...

This is an overview of what has been developed and released on the TalEction platform the last 4-6 months (updated 24.Mar.2024),
  • [Last Releases] Implemented AI Assistant/Chat - home page and in student offering.
  • [Last Releases] Completed and published certification of BIG-5 Details test (done by 3rd party)
  • [Last Releases] Improvements to Student portal - new tests and simulations
  • Implemented a bridge between BIG-5 and CAGES Meta (both personality tests) - allowing to use both in match calculations and assessments.
  • Export (and instructions) for BIG-5 profile to external chats ex. ChatGPT, Google Gemini.
  • Re-normalized all tests with fresh data (half-yearly process).
  • API calls to Open AI to analyse a BIG-5 profile and store it on the digital twin.
  • Reading & Analysing PDF CV's and storing the data on the user profile ex. summary, recommendations, skills etc.
  • Finalized a tailor made student offering with test, games, student choice guide, future choice options etc.
  • Completed the implementation of Digital Maturity test and analysis
  • Re-Engineering and Re-Development of simulations using React and Next.js.
  • Significantly improved performance of match calculations.
  • Reimplemented the publish process and Ux of user-profiles.
  • Implemented Blog framework using Wordpress (coming soon).
  • Initial implementation of of inbuilt AI based Chat function using the Assistant from Open AI - added to the profile page (much more to come).
  • A number of smaller things: Improvements to the Recruitment Project Wizard, Account Page reimplementation, implemented external test for value dimensions, digital skills etc. (no need to create user)

What is planned to be done

This is an overview of what is planned to be developed on the TalEction platform in the next 4-6 months,
  • [In Progress] Continue implementing AI Assistant/Chat - accross the solution.
  • [In Progress] Adding a new set of tests called the Emotional Drivers based on research from a multinational group of thought leaders.
  • [In Progress] Reimplement the Candidate pages and add activities like Video Interview and AI Analysis, CV upload and Analysis.
  • [In Progress] Build API for External partner to use selected set of TalEction services for Start-Up & Scale-Up market in the Nordics.
  • Reimplement Indexes - Ux, Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Adding 3-5 new games
  • Extend Value Dimensions with deeper analysis and recommendations - link in Web VD analysis.
  • Building a number of AI models on the OpenAI platform and integrate with TalEction.
  • Complete and release Screening OnDemand.
  • General simplification and improvements to Ux - across all products and services.
  • A number of smaller things: redesign of Tests and Games pages, extended reporting, aggregation of data, competency mapping, reimplement readiness and assessment, payment solution (linked to ondemand).