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TalEction is a digital platform that enables Self and Contextual Awareness through the use of Digital Twins and open up for direct communication between individuals and their twins; also applies to jobs and companies. You/The Job fuel their Digital Twins with structured job and personal data.
A digital twin is a Digital Replica of a living entity (employer and employee in the workplace).

  The platform has advanced data Sharing Mechanisms and is a native GDPR solution - you have full controll of all the data generated on the platform and can at any point in time decide to wipe it all out.
  TalEction provides employees and job seekers with a number of differnet types of Tests ex. IQ-tests, Personality (BIG-5) tests, neuroscience based Games and wizards to build their Digital Twin (Master CV). The platform also provides employers with surveys and wizards to build their job profile (Master Job Description).

All of this is delivered on a platform that gives you you full control of how you Store, Analyze and Recycle your data; sensitive data is double encrypted

How can I get started with building my Digital Twin,
  1. Create User: Create a user by clicking on "Create User" below.

  2. Tests, Games: When signed in you will have access to a number of Tests, Games and other Data Collectors - start building.
  3. Explore and Simulate: Based on Tests and Games you will be able to use the data to Simulate and build Awareness.

Our powerful AI driven engine automatically maps between your Person Profile(s) and Job Profile(s). Data and AI gives you a factual approach to human resource management and reduces biases in decision-making. It also helps you to connect work and people to ensure an optimum utilization of human resources in the workplace.

TalEction is loaded with scientifically based surveys, wizards, tests and games (collectors) to fuel the job and person profiles.
Tests are developed according to international standards and validated by approved professionals. Games are developed and approved by The Global Neuroscience Community.

For details on chosen theories and models, please go to Scientific Papers & Research.

Do you want to see how this works in real life: Start Now.

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Screen shots from the Data Collection & Awareness functionality of the TalEction platform.

BIG-5, OCEAN Personality Test
Cognitive Flexibility Game
BIG-5, OCEAN Personality Profile
Cognitive Flexibility Results