Your End-to-End AI Recruitment Platform with fully automated candidate selection, AI matching algoritms and assessments.

Build a faster, fairer, friendlier and smarter hiring process with TalEction. Together, we can radically improve the way you discover, select and hire talent.


Reduction in recruitment cost


Reduction in bad hires


Increase in Candidate Supply


Candidates happy with process

A Traditional Recruitment Process consists of a number of Steps: Job Analysis, Marketing, Candidate Capture, Screening, Selection and OnBoarding.
  Challenges with Existing Solutions and Process: Multiple Systems. Manual Processes. Limited AI. None structured Data. No integrated Assessments or Tests. Poor quality Job Analysis. Limited if any system support for Selection. Facilitates subjective and biased decissions.

In TalEction we use Automation and AI to allow you to focus on the Critical Activities: Job Analysis (incl. Marketing, Candidate Capture & Screening), Selection and Onboarding. Through this TalEction can offer you a simpler, and yet more powerful, 3 Step Process.
  What we do differently with TalEction: One End-to-End System. Automated Processes. AI is core. Structured Data. Assessments and Tests as part of the platform. Implememtation of Neuro-Science based Games for Selection. High quality Job Analysis. Razor focused on Selection. Facilitates objective and un-biased decissions.

From a user perspective the TalEction 3-step Model involve the activities as given in below User Journey.

1. Create an Account: Create an Account (and user) by clicking on below button; payable service.
2. Create a Recruiting Project: A WIZARD will take you through a process that will create a Job Profile, Add Campaign and a Recruitment Project.
3. Publish: The Wizard generates add and you can choose to publish yourself, through our partners or your own.
4. Screen and Down-Select: As Candidates do the needed activities and apply the system automatically group them according to match potential.
5. Select & Agree: TalEction presents its recommendation and analysis and you make decission and agree with candidate.
6. OnBoard and Feedback: Use Digital Twin for onboarding and provide feedback on Candidate Success after 6-9 months.

AI Recruiting

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Why Choose TalEction?

See below a table-comparison between AI Recruitment @ TalEction compared with Leading Recruitment Platforms in the market.

Critical Func TalEction ReachMe Recman EasyCruit WebCruiter Cornerstone Workday SuccessFactors
Culture Match
Predictive Data
AI Marketing ()
AI Selection

How can you use TalEction?

TalEction can be used as an End-to-End solution for Recruitment - from Job Analysis through to final OnBoarding of Selected candidate(s) i.e. TalEction can be used as a smart ATS system.
But it can also be broken up in modules and used in tandem with other systems like an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
As an example you can use TalEction for Assessments and get full access to test data and results ex. Personality BIG-5, Intelligence, Core Skills etc.

Usage can be divided in 4 Groups,
  • You do not have a Job Description: Go to "Job Analysis" - using TalEction or own ATS.
  • You have a Job Description: Go to "Marketing" - using own Marketing solution or TalEction (through partner Adway, seamlessly integrated to TalEction)
  • You have an ATS system: See below 3 scenarios and integrations.
  • You do not have an ATS system: See below 3 scenarios using TalEction only (ignore ATS).
Below see three of the most common usage scenarios of TalEction; for all three you can choose to use TalEction or your ATS for Job Analysis.

Scenario: Gallery

Gross list of Candidates, can potentially add data from generic tests (ex. Personality, Fluid Intelligence) - but no down-selection (no matching). No matching means that no structured Job Description is needed - just use your Job Ad as Job Description.

Connect your ATS (if you have one, if not use TalEction) to our AI driven platform and let us do the job for you. This includes creation of job Advertising and SOME dialog, Sourcing of talents, manage the traffic through our branded career pages and provisioning of extended candidate profiles to your ATS platform ex. track-record and skills data.

Scenario: Talents

Net list of Candidates, can potentially do a generic down-selection (and ranking) using tests like Personality, Fluid Intelligence, Games (only generic matching). Generic matching means that no structured Job Description is needed - just use your Job Ad as Job Description.

Same as Gallery, but TalEction can also do a fully automatic Screening of the Talent's track-record and skills. This is a down-selection from Gallery and will secure candidates that match well with identified core-skills (generic match); profile and scoring data will be made available to the ATS system.

Scenario: Champion

Final Candidate, down-selection and ranking using the full battery of tests like Personality, Fluid Intelligence, Games (full matching). Full matching means that a structured Job Description is needed - in addition to your Job Ad.

Same as Gallery, but TalEction will also (based on a structured Job Analysis) make an automatic Selection of the candidate that best matches the job and company in question (context matching); data, scoring, match and selection data will be made available to the ATS system.

TalEction can be used for external recruitment as well as internal - there are also a number of other potential scenarios that can be implemented (in addition to the above three), contact us for details. "Marketing Tool" will be provided through our best-of-breed partners - or you can choose one of your own liking.

Screen shots from the AI Recruiting functionality of the TalEction platform.

Recruitment Wizard
Job Analysis: Job Wizard

Candidate Screening
Selection: Screening & Scoring

OnBoarding: Personality Profile

OnBoarding: Cognitive Flexibility

OnBoarding: Team Assessment