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Based on how well the individuals or teams cover the models - a plan will be put in place to change or increase that coverage.


Why should you use Assessments?

Data Driven: All assessments are 100% data driven based on Digital Twins.

Links to Individuals: Links the individuals Digital Twin to the organizational models like Team, Leadership, Strategy etc.

All generated Data is Yours: You have full access and controll of all generated data on the platform - you can use, share and delete as you see fit.

The Process (How)

From an End-User Perspective, using the Assessments involve the activities as given in below User Journey.

(1) Create an Account (and user) by clicking on below button; payable service.

(2) Build up the Digital Twins for the group of individuals (self-service).

(3) All individuals share their Digital Twin with assessment owner - create Group.

(4) Select the Organizational Model to use for the Assessment and run Visualization.

(5) Identify the Gap between actual and desired and develop change plan to close that Gap.


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The question is how the team covers the model and how that maps up against the organizations needs (baseline). Based on that a Development Plan should be put in place to align the group with the best-practice coverage.
You should regularly Re-Run the assessments on the group (creates new milestones) to see if the development plan has had the desired effect (against baseline) and adjust accordingly.

Screen shots from the Assessment functionality of the TalEction platform.

Assessment Users and Team Roles (Belbin)

Assessment Users and Organization Culture (Denison)