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Unlock a clear perspective on Digital Proficiency within your Organization using our Digital Skills test, grounded in the renowned Europass framework developed by the EU. This tool not only assesses individual employees but also crystallizes the data into a comprehensive company-wide "heat map", helping you visualize the collective digital maturity of your team/company in one glance. Take advantage of this EU-backed initiative to foster a digitally adept and forward-moving company.

Digital Maturity Collection

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Leverage Skills insights to Build Digital Maturity

Embark on a journey of guided analysis with our Digital Skills Test to foster a more nuanced understanding of your company's digital maturity and secure a standout position in this competitive landscape.

Get up to Speed on the Digital Race to the Future.


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What Is?

The TalEction Digital Skills Assessment is based on the Europass Digital Skills certificate that allows individuals to self-assess their digital skills according to the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp); a certificate that helps individuals showcase their digital competencies.

TalEction has extended the Europass Digital Skills certificate to include a company-wide assessment of digital skills, allowing companies to assess the digital skills of their employees and visualize the collective digital maturity of their team/company in one glance.

The assessment is based on 5 different skills areas and each area has 6 questions. The assessment is multiple-choice and takes about 20 minutes to complete. For a detailed deep dive into the 5 different skills areas, please see the Digital Skills Details. Here you will find a detailed description of the skills areas and how you can build those skill sets to the level needed (learning path).

The Process (How)

From an End-User Perspective, running a Digital Maturity project involves the activities as given in below User Journey.

(1) Create an Account (and user) - or use an existing Account (user).

(2) Create a Project and select Type = External and Survey to Run = Digital Skills; Add Users

(3) Users get an EMail with link to survey, they click on the link to start the assessment and when done press "Save and Send".

(4) Project owner receives the individual user-results and Analyses the data along predefined Tags (example department, region, group).

(5) Based on the Analysis, different Gaps will be identified and a Learning Plan can be developed to close those gaps.

Digital Maturity

The users (step 3) will when they complete and save their answers get their score, recommendations and a link to a learning path for the 5 different skills areas.

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Why Use?

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the measurement of specific skill sets—such as Information and Data Literacy, Digital Content Creation, Communication and Collaboration, Safety, and Problem Solving—is not just beneficial; it's essential for both individuals and organizations aiming to thrive.

Individuals: Career Advancement and Employability, Personal Development and Adaptability, Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency.

Organizations: Competitive Advantage, Improved Collaboration and Innovation, Risk Management and Security, Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Measuring digital competencies provides a structured approach to identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting learning and development goals, and tracking progress over time. It empowers individuals with the confidence and capabilities to excel in a digital-first world, while enabling organizations to cultivate a dynamic, skilled, and future-ready workforce.

In essence, it’s not just about keeping pace with technological advancements but leveraging them to unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and resilience.