This is a a service to test (simulate) if you match the profile in the TalEction Future Index.

  Future Index is all about: Algoritmic pattern for identification of skills pattern needed for the future

Below you can see an overview of the information needed to match your profile agains the index.

Once you have made your selection and pressed start, you will go through a step-process - see steps below (should take from 10 minutes and up to 30 minutes),
  • Collection of BIO (Biographical) Information
  • Running a Personality Test
  • Running a Intelligence (Fluid) Test
  • Running a Trait Surveys: CAGES Meta
  • Running a Cognitive Flexibility survey
  • Running a select set of Neuro Science based Games: CogFlex,Spatial Pattern,Direction,Trail Making,True Color

You will also, as part of this process, have the option to create a user in TalEction that gives you access to Digital CV, Tests, Simulations etc. You can at any time decide to delete all information (remove all tracks) in TalEction (with a copy to yourself on e-mail).

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