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Build a faster, fairer, higher quality and friendlier awareness and validation process with the TalEction Index product. Together, we can improve the way you discover, engage and develop talent.


Reduction in time to Analyse


More likely to Scale


Tests behind AI


Years of Research

Are you a successful founder or are you dreaming of becoming one - how well do you score? What about in Sales? Or do you think you are Future Proof?
The index will provide you insight and clarity — it will also give you a possibility to match up against a number of successful Founders, Sales Professionals and Future ready individuals, are you up for it?


How can I check myself against an Index  

With a standard TalEction User you can check yourself against any index available on TalEction, and get personalized results and recommendations in real time.
1. Create User: Select an Index and create a user - you can later reuse much of the same data against the other indexes.

2. Experience Pattern: Record your experience pattern for the given index to set the context and allow for comparisons.
3. Complete Tasks: Each Index have a tailor-made set of activities you need to complete ex. Personality Test.
4. Calculate Match: When tasks are complete you can calculate your match score against the index.
5. Results: Calculations will also (based on score) provide you with a set of personalized recommendations based on your results.
6. Plan: The platform will provide you with some guidance on how to use the results - what to do next.


Do you want to see how this works in real life: Start Now.

  Create User

When you have received the overall score, you will also see how well you did within each activity - in addition you are presented with a recommendation and what to do next. You can use your score as a proof when applying for a job or seek funding for a venture.

  Do you want to invite individuals in for matching against the index and compare results? You can do that by Sharing profiles one-to-one or by creating an account (see "Company" offering for details); you can also share the results on Facebook or Linkedin.

Founder Index
Do you have what it takes to be a successful Founder?

Go through a set of tests and surveys to feed our Founder algorithms - how do you match up?

 Start Founder

Sales Index
Do you have what it takes to be successful in Sales?

Go through a set of tests and surveys to feed our Sales algorithms - how do you match up?

 Start Sales

Future Index
Do you have what it takes to be successful in the Future?

Go through a a set of tests and surveys to feed our "Are You Future Proof" algorithms - how do you match up?

 Start Future Proof

See a 4 minutes Demo of Index functionality.

Screen shots from the Index functionality of the TalEction platform.

BIG-5, OCEAN Personality Test

Cognitive Flexibility Game