We help you Discover their Potential
and Unleash their Talent

Want to Know your Candidates, Team Members, Employees Potential  and how that relates to their Likelihood to Succeed - how to unleash their Talent? Invite them in to take some easy and fun Games & Tests to start Exploring.

The results will be used by our Bias-Free AI Algorithms to Rank the individuals  for Likelihood to Succeed in the Context you specify example context can be "Who is best positioned for the future of work?", "Who is most flexible and creative?".

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What and Why

TalEction OnDemand is an entry level offering for screening individuals/persons in a selection, assessment process using AI algorithms. The selection can be part of an overall recruitment project, a team assessment or the like.

There are 4 types of screenings offered (screening context),

  1. Screening based on Specification: You specify what type of Organization Culture, Team Roles and Core Skills you want to use as a target when calculating match score for individuals.
  2. Screening based on Copy a Star: You select a star employee you want to copy and use him, her as a target when calculating match score for individuals.
  3. Screening based on Flexibility and Creativity: You use a predefined best-practice pattern for Cognitive Flexibility & Creativity and use that as a target when calculating match score for individuals.
  4. Screening based on being Future Ready: You use a predefined best-practice pattern for what being Future Ready means and use that as a target when calculating match score for individuals.
You can invite 1 or more individuals to do a set of activities (tests, games)  and the results will be used to calculate a match score with the target elements i.e. the Context (based on type). You will see a match score and risk profile for the individuals and you can then make a selection/decision based on that.

Results can be exported and you can also upgrade to get access to the underlying data.

The solution is free to use (gratis)  until the end of 2022. As of January 2023 price pr. screening request (unlimited number of users, individuals) will be 19 EUR or 190 NOK.

How it works

The OnDemand functionality starts off by you creating a Request to use the solution, "Request Screening..." (Step 0). This will trigger an e-mail containing a link to your virtual, private Screening Request space, click on it to start.

  • Step 1: Specify Story to participants - with logo and images; this is used on the a landing page (system generated) to explain what they have been invited to do and why (link to page shared in e-mail invite).
  • Step 2Add Individuals to participate in the screening process.
  • Step 3: Specify the Screening Criteria for the individuals (culture, role, skills - only for request type "Specification") and send out invitations (containing link to request landing page).
  • Step 4: Look through the Outcome and export the results.
The solution will calculate a Match Score for the individuals and Sort/Rank and Group  them accordingly. The groups are: Likely to Succeed (green). Could Succeed given the right Circumstances (orange). Will struggle to Succeed (red).

   If you have forgotten (lost) your screening requests, please click on link to receive an e-mail with all your requests: Send Requests

Questions & Answers

  • What is the difference between the screening types?  There are 3 types of screenings you can request.Specification: Screening based on selected target organization culture, team roles and core skills.Copying Star: Screening based on matching against an existing high performing individual.Flexibility & Creativity: Screening based on high scores on Flexibility to Adapt and Creativity. For details see videos below (1 for each type).
  • What type of activities will the Individuals be asked to do?  They will be asked to do four or five (4 or 5) activities. Register basic information. Do a Personality test. Do a Cognitive Flexibility test (not all types). Do a Fluid Intelligence test. Play three (3) or five (5) games.
  • How much time will a Individuals typically use on the activities?  Basic information usually takes 2-3 min. Personality test typically takes 10-12 min. Cognitive Flexibility test typically takes 7-8 min. Fluid Intelligence test typically takes 5-6 min. Each game takes 1 or 2 min. to run. In total it typically takes between 26 and 34 min.
  • What type of personality test is used?  TalEction has standardised on the BIG-5 (OCEAN) personality test.
  • What is a Fluid Intelligence test?Fluid Intelligence measures the capacity to think speedily and reason flexibly in order to solve new problems without relying on past experience. The test presents a number of pattern puzzles missing one piece and the task is to find the right piece to complete the puzzle.
  • What is a Cognitive Flexibility test?Cognitive Flexibility measures the capacity to handle stressfull situations, deal with fear end change behavior The test presents a number of statements and you are to rate your level of agreement with each of them (focusing on the last 14 days).
  • What kind of Games are used and Why?TalEction has implemented a set of neuroscience based games that measure core skills like Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving and Cognitive Flexibility.
The quality of the underlying tests and games are at the same level (or higher) as the high-end offerings  in the market using ex. BIG-5, OCEAN tests for personality and Intelligence tests developed in cooperation with Mensa. TalEction also use Neuroscience based games to increase the accuracy of the matching scores and risk profiles.

TalEction OnDemand can be upgraded to full account access at a very affordable price - gives access to the entire TalEction platform with a library of Tests, AI, Algorithms, Simulations etc.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand solution.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand Screening of type Specification.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand Screening of type Copying Star.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand Screening of type Flexibility & Creativity.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand Screening of type Future Ready.

Video walk-through of the OnDemand Screening as seen from the Candidates, Team Members, Employees.